Safety Game

Reducing the chance of human error

“Use measurability and engagement to great effect”

Promotes Safety Awareness

The Safety Game offers health care institutions an efficient and cost-effective means to train its staff and promote safety awareness. The realistic simulation teaches staff to recognize and handle all major risks involved in their daily operations.

  • Virtual operation room
  • Practice and reflect on safety procedures
  • Individual and cooperative training mode
  • Statistical analysis of player behavior

Stimulates team thinking

The scenario driven events that occur within the simulation were developed collaboratively by some of Europe’s most renowned academic, technological and health care organizations. By improving upon existing training methods, the Safety game has been shown to significantly reduce the chance of human error.

By incorporating both competitive and collaborative gameplay the simulation encourages individuals to think and act like a team. The game enables multiple players to interact and practice their skills in an exciting virtual version of their working environment.