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Brighten up your game maps with these amazing packs. Use  optimized Streetlights, vehicles, character, building and much asset as front or background objects. Go check it out at the Vertigo Games Unity Asset Store

Church & Graveyard Pack Review
I love me some Vertigo Games. They got awesome stuff. The support and price is unmatched for 3D models. Most of the stuff on the asset store is what you buy is what you get. But, Vertigo listens and takes actions. Its good to see a publisher care about their product. 10/10.
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Vaughn Carpenter

Apocalyptic City Pack Review
Without Question The Very Best Apocalyptic City Pack. You can search the Unity Asset Store for Apocalyptic City Packs and you will find a number of them, but you won’t find one better than this one! By far this is without question the very best Apocalyptic City Pack, none of the others come even close!
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Extreme Vehicle pack Review
Just amazing value, in spite of the author suggesting these vehicles are best used as props I’m using them in a racing game and they look great (IRDS).
I ‘ve bought most of this developers packages and they are incredible value well made and extremely effective
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Ray Hayden

Extreme Special Forces Review
You get a ton of stuff for only $10. All the models worked great with mecanim. I was able to use my existing animations with no tweaking.
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Brian Gavin