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Founded in 2008, Vertigo Games is a Dutch development studio located in the port city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The studio has successfully developed and published VR games for PC and console including the hit VR FPS title Arizona Sunshine® and the newly released VR strategy title Skyworld.

Our Team

Richard Stitselaar | Managing Director

With more than 14 years of experience in the games industry, Richard combines his creative passion and commercial expertise in order to bring teams together.

John Coleman | Director of Business Development

John brings media industry management experience and a passion for games to Vertigo.

Kimara Rouwit | Marketing Director

Kimara brings aboard her lifelong passion for videogames as well as her extensive experience marketing them, having spent the better part of the last decade working on a variety of releases ranging from AAA titles like Total War: WARHAMMER and Rise of the Tomb Raider to indie passion projects.

Vincent van Brummen | Lead Artist

Vincent is a diligent worker who always tries to push the boundaries of current hardware and our programmers. There is only one thing that keeps him from working, and that is his son… and games… definitely games.

Trevor Blom | Lead Tech

Slaying dragons, rescuing damsels, saving the world and restoring the universe are just ingredients of a normal day in the life of Trevor. Sometimes, he also passes by the office on his road to power, glory and honor, to get a nice hot cup of coffee

Jeroen Kool | Programmer

Jeroen is a dedicated software developer working at Vertigo Games since the creation of Adam’s Venture 2 & 3. He has worked on IRIS, World of Diving and many other games & projects. His Experience lies mainly with Unity and Unreal development

Johann van Berkel | Programmer

Having obtained loads of experience and knowledge about games and game technology in all of the projects he’s worked on before being hired by Vertigo Games, Johann’s ability to create games has even surpassed his ability to play them.

Patrick le Duc | Programmer

Patrick takes a particular interest in everything related to online multiplayer, from online games to complex networking code. However he can’t refuse an invite for a good old board game or D&D session!

Jesse Caspers | Graphic Artist

An allround guy with a great passion for games. From 3D art and animation to untying the wires behind his pc. If you have a quest to complete, you can’t miss him in your party. He is always in for a laugh and a good old chat with his colleagues.

Bang Phan | Concept Artist

Bang is an illustrator with a traditional style that brings a unique paintery look to his art. With emphasis for colour and lights, each painting he does brings powerful mood and leave an deep impression on the viewer.

Yorick Dethy | Graphic Artist

Sharp as a needle or as blunt as a Warhammer, whatever suits the job. This Warrior of Ink leaves his own mark on his work with the finesse and accuracy of a creative magician. Yorick’s spellbook is indistinguishable from a field’s veteran.

Tim van Kapel | Programmer

With his big vocabulary, broad range of experience and problem solving mindset, Tim can be called a true codesmith. His adeptness in solving complex problems is reflected in the final product, resulting in smooth and enjoyable gameplay experiences for everyone.

Paul van der Meer | Game Designer

Paul started out as a traditional journalist, but quickly headed towards multimedia. Here he used his passion for gaming and storytelling in productions ranging from a documentary, interactive live action video to full blown games. In his spare time he draws odd comics.

Jeff Dronkers | Graphic Artist

A blast from the past into the future. Jeff wants to experience it all. Following his passion for the videogame industry and history of art he brings years of user experience to the table as well as his unique vision and limitless imagination. A man that likes to be challenged and stays up to date with everything in the industry

Arjen van Heck | Programmer
Nick Witsel | Game Designer
Aïsha Kuipers | PR & Junior PR Manager

Aïsha likes to works hard and play hard. She is in love with the gaming industry and holds the office-record for most self-destructs in Super Smash.

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