Vertigo Games

award-winning VR Entertainment company


Vertigo Games is a multi-platform VR entertainment company with offices in Rotterdam & Amsterdam (NL) and Los Angeles, California (USA).

With experienced teams in the areas of Studios, Publishing and Arcades, the company develops, publishes and distributes a growing portfolio of quality VR games that offer a novel, powerful and full-featured gaming experience both in- and outside of the home.

In 2020, Vertigo Games joined the leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products, Koch Media (a subsidiary of the Embracer Group), adding VR gaming to the Group’s global network.

In 2021, the company announced it has 5 more high-end titles in the pipeline for the coming years.

Vertigo Studios

Vertigo Studios, with two independently operating teams situated in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, The Netherlands, creates cutting-edge, high-quality VR games that offer unrivaled immersion, realizing the stoutest dreams of gamers everywhere.

Vertigo Publishing

Vertigo Publishing offers funding, publishing and marketing support to developers of VR games that offer powerful, high-quality VR experiences to fans of the medium. With over 1.5 million VR units sold to date, published titles include the mind-bending VR adventure A Fisherman’s Tale, the tongue-in-cheek, asymmetrical multiplayer VR game Traffic Jams, and the upcoming air guitar-inspired hand-tracking music game Unplugged.

Vertigo Arcades

Vertigo Arcades connects VR studios to 700+ location-based entertainment (LBE) venues globally through third party LBE distribution services as well as the LBE VR distribution platform HAZE VR. Between titles like Arizona Sunshine® – LB VR Edition and Space Pirate Trainer, Vertigo Arcades’ portfolio accounts for roughly 25% of minutes played in Western LBE venues.

Meet the team

Richard Stitselaar

Managing director

As the Managing Director of Vertigo Games, Richard combines his creative passion and commercial expertise to bring teams together and achieve critical and sales success.

With more than 19 years in the games industry under his belt, Richard has experience with industry titans and as a serial entrepreneur founding multiple games studios. 

Kimara Rouwit

Marketing director

Kimara brings aboard her extensive experience marketing games, having spent over a decade working on a wide range of commercial releases, from AAA franchises to indie passion projects.

At Vertigo Games, she is the driving force behind the publishing team, nurtures key partnerships and regularly takes off her marketing hat to develop new business, identifying and attracting quality VR titles for the company’s growing publishing portfolio.

John Coleman

Director of Business Development

John’s background is in running a music label along with business development in (interactive) entertainment.

In his role as Director of Business Development, he uses his wide range of experience in strategic partnerships, marketing, and business development to successfully develop Vertigo’s best-in-industry location-based entertainment (LBE) network and launch the company’s LBE games. John is also responsible for identifying and signing 3rd party games for Vertigo’s publishing arm.

Trevor Blom

Technical Director

Trevor has led Vertigo Games’ technical teams since the company’s early days. 

In between development, he likes to exchange VR knowledge with peer developers and anyone with a pair of ears. Hot topics are the tricks we use to get our games’ features performing from high- to low-end machines.

Vincent van Brummen

Art Director

Vincent has more than 12 years of experience in directing art and leading creative teams.

He has a broad knowledge of the technical requirements for VR and excels at pushing the boundaries of hardware and our programmers alike to make worlds that breathe life into VR. There is only one thing that can keep him from this, and that is his son… and games… definitely games.

Jeroen Kool


Jeroen has worked at Vertigo for many years, and is proud to see the company grow from the small attic office with only a handful of passionate developers to the great VR-game developing company that it is now.

A motivated Software Engineer, experienced with Unity development, C# and AI, his main focus is on creating AI and enemies / zombies, but he has worked on all kinds of game systems for many of our games. Being very intrigued by the human mind and it’s capabilities, he hopes to one day apply the knowledge of the human mind to game AI. He is Scientifically minded, always skeptical, but forever curious. Being a Blizzard fan-boy, he loves games like Diablo and World of Warcraft, but also enjoys Strategy games like Civilization. He loves series like Game Of Thrones (if you excuse the last few seasons), which portray the complex and paradoxical nature and motivations of people, with some epic fantasy juice on top.
He’s a big fan of Board games and a bit of a fitness junkie.

Johann van Berkel

Senior Programmer

Having obtained loads of experience and knowledge about games and game technology in all of the projects he’s worked on before being hired by Vertigo Games, Johann’s ability to create games has even surpassed his ability to play them.

Aïsha Kuipers

PR Manager & Marketing Coordinator

Aïsha’s started her industry track with  Activision/Blizzard, where she helped realize communication plans for multiple AAA game launches, including Guitar Hero and Call of Duty.

As Vertigo’s gatekeeper of external comms, she now uses her creativity and organizational skills to manage all-round PR activities and ensures that all  marketing campaigns run smoothly, from store submissions to post-launch content roll out. She is in love with the gaming industry and holds the office-record for most self-destructs in Super Smash.


TamTu Bui

Community Manager

TamTu has been actively involved in online gaming communities since his early addiction to MMOs. This passion has led him to host numerous podcasts and gaming TV shows and produce influencer work for clients such as PlayStation, 2K, XBOX and Square Enix.

He has built an extensive network and collection of knowledge that are vital to his work now that he has joined ‘the other side’ as community manager. In his free time, he works on building worlds, streams art from time to time, and spends too much time in Destiny when he should be working on his backlog.

Mário Gonçalves

Account Manager

Mario brings aboard his commercial experience in the game industry, ranging from marketing to sales.

He was Benelux marketing manager for CAPCOM and worked with companies like Konami before joining Vertigo Games in his primary role of LBE account manager with deep involvement in LBE marketing. 

Martin Janse

Executive Producer

Martin joins our team as Executive Producer with almost 20 years of industry experience in publishing and development. He has successfully released over 40 games on console, mobile and PC at companies including Lion Castle, Abstraction Games and VR company Mechamania. Martin’s skill set lies in a combination of managing productions from concept to post launch stage and excellent business skills.


Xenia de Vries

Character Artist

Started at Vertigo as a concept artist, with a background in painting and illustration. Inevitably, naturally, predestined found her way to the position of character artist.

Always had a love for bringing story and emotion into my work but at Vertigo a love for monsters and gore was discovered.

Other hobbies include reading big fantasy books, hoarding earrings and practicing kung fu. (Also has way too many hours in Animal Crossing, and can probably beat everyone here at guitar hero, yes that is a dare :P)

Vincent Warmerdam


With love and an excessive amount of caffeine Vincent gives our characters a soul. Finding joy in making digital characters move around and come to life, he combines his fascination for biology and love for technology through motion capture.

Working at the frontier of game development with amazing tech and software is a dream come true and he enjoys it every day. Also music, very important.

Valentin Georgiev


Valentin’s coding wizardry may have come from the fact he plays too much World of Warcraft. Always focused, he optimizes his rotations to fine tune everything under the hood; we can tell from his constant tapping on the keyboard and his desk to the beats of the music.

He’s also got a sweet afro.

Tor Sigurdson

Game Designer

After studying game design at FutureGames Academy and Animation/3D art at Game Maker, Tor’s globetrotting résumé includes Mirror’s Edge, LA Noire, GTAV and Red Dead Redemption 2 before moving to the Netherlands for love and diving into VR with Vertigo Games.

In his work, he’s handicapped by perfectionism, outside of it, he’s a SpaceX/Tesla enthusiast, enjoys the Souls games and works on his own project!

Tim van Kapel

Senior Programmer

Stan Pepels


As programmer, Stan works on the build system to ensure the team can iterate on the games smoothly. The building doesn’t end after work, as his spare time is spent on crafting model tanks and woodworking!

Always ready to take on any challenge, it’s no surprise his favorite games are from the Soulsborne series.

Tim Samallo

Level Designer

Tim studied Creative Media and Game Technologies at Breda University of Applied Sciences in his pursuit to become a Game Designer after falling in love with game development at a young age. Video games have always been a part of his life and now being able to turn his hobby into his job is really a dream come true. In his spare time Tim spends an almost unhealthy amount of time in the gym compensating for all the countless hours playing Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty growing up.

Besides that music and coffee are two of the main driving forces of his work.

Shanice Lapierre Armande

3D Artist/ Environment Artist

Shanice studied Game Architechture and Design, and combines that with her love for horror and sci-fi to bring the post-apocalyptic worlds to life!

She’s dutch-born but lived on a caribbean island called Antigua for 19 years! She also loves birds and Bioshock.

Ryan de Bruijn

Junior 3D Artist

Ryan is fascinated with how everything in the world works, so all the intricacies of nature and looking into it is something he’s a huge fan of.  When he’s not crafting 3D, he’ll be in the gym. A lot.

Richard Nazarian


Richard started his game development path through modding and making maps for Unreal Tournament (he still does every now and then). Even though he is a programmer he likes to stay creative through other art forms like video editing and music. Might have a bit too many anime figures on his desk.

Ravi Janssen

Level Designer

Stemming from the mystical, southern lands of Limburg, Ravi’s designs are inspired by his love for travelling and endless passion for deep world building.

Fueled in his work by jamming out to Mick Gordon’s OSTs, Hans Zimmer’s epic tracks or the latest deep house sets, he’s the guy you want to blame if you get stuck in our levels. Don’t worry, he’ll make sure to blame others for you.

Pepijn van Duijn

Game Designer

When he was 12 years old, Pepijn has aspired to be a game designer and has worked on it ever since. After the Creative Media & Game Technologies at Breda University of Applied Sciences, he’s worked on Space Engineers at KeenSWH before joining Vertigo Games, and generally gets all his satisfaction in life from making solid designs. His interests range from ancient Chinese poetry to Dyson Spheres, and reads a copious amount of books but says he somehow just becomes dumber instead of smarter?

Niels Coomans

3D Artist

Niels found his way back to Vertigo Games after 10 years of odd jobs. Now he’s a 3D artist that loves to make games and learn new techniques. In his spare time he’s reading comics, playing video games and watching movies/shows. If there’s one thing that excites him, it’s anything Batman and will probably let you know with random facts and tidbits whenever he can. It’s no wonder that the Arkham game series is his all time favorite.

Nick Witsel

Game Designer

Nick is a game designer with experience in level, combat and narrative design. He’s the type of VR player who will always play standing and will become the action hero, at the expense of any monitors he will knock over. His shipped titles at Vertigo include Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl and the Dead Man DLC for Arizona Sunshine. In his free time he enjoys building model kits and writing interactive stories.

Johan Faas

Game Designer

From a young age, Johan loved playing video games, writing stories, drawing comics and creating pen and paper boardgames. When he got his first PC, he was introduced to the wonders of Game Maker and GtkRadiant and soon tried his hand at designing his own (overly ambitious) video games and map packs. When a friend told him there’s people that will actually pay you to do these things, Johan knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. After graduating from NHTV, another friend told him Vertigo Games was looking for a game designer.

He just showed up one day and refused to leave. After repeated attempts to remove him from the premises, Vertigo accepted their fate and gave him a job.

Jack Reggin

Network Programmer

A Canadian who happens to be extremely invested in the Netherlands for some reason (Dutch wife, Dutch education, Dutch job), he spends most of his time programming network nonsense and the rest of it he spends fixing bugs in his programmed nonsense. Leisure time is spent either playing video games, hanging out with friends, or chopping wood (Canadian, duh). “Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun.” – Alan Watts

Jeff Dronkers

Senior Character Artist

With a healthy competitive mindset, Jeff landed a role in his position of choice. His goal is to keep developing and inspire other artists. ZBrush is life. Favorite games: Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, God of War.

Ferry Spelbos

QA Engineer

Ferry is someone with a passion for games and hardware, he also loves to break them and then help fixing them again. Having knowledge about many specializations in games gives him the ability to communicate within the team clearly and get to a resolution for an issue as soon as possible.

Dennis Jongmans

Senior Technical Artist

If you say jump, Dennis asks “how many particles?” He makes sure the visuals pop and effects look cool. Coupled with programming knowledge he makes sure that artists have the proper tools to make their work look and feel great in the engine. Having technical difficulties? Call for 1800-Dennis and he’ll fix anything. He’ll make developing with limits look like a walk in the park.

Deniese Datema

Concept Artist

With a deep-seated passion for storytelling and world-building from an early age, Deniese has always spent her time imagining fictional worlds and drawing them out on paper. Now she multiclasses as a Concept Artist and 3D Artist. With her varied skill-set she flexibly helps where she can; concept art, outsourcing or level optimization, she’s had a hand in it. That being said, her heart will always belong to the world of concept art and visual development. Some of her personal favorites include Divinity: Original Sin, Dungeons & Dragons, Dishonored, Wheel of Time

Arjen van Heck


Arjen is a programmer with no limits. If you want your game to run on a toaster, he is the man for the job. Paired with knowledge and experience to create enjoyable gameplay he will be in the front lines of every project.

Jelle de Stigter


Jelle is active as a programmer at Vertigo Arcades. The first project Jelle worked on at Vertigo was After the Fall. Before working here, he studied Game Programming at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Outside the professional environment, and apart from programming, he likes to attend music festivals and spending time with friends and family (if it includes a good beer, it’s a plus!).

Gino Aldewereld

QA Engineer

Gino researches user experience and interface designs to help improve the player experience. He has recently made the switch from website to VR design as he finds this is much more fun and engaging. Loves reading books about sci-fi & fantasy and has accumulated way to many hours in various Battle Royale games.

Mike-Bryan van der Waard

Level Artist

He said he was going to be making games since he was 6, and has developed several years of experience in putting together environments for games, escape rooms and architecture showcasing. With a fascination by architecture that is orientally-inspired, he also tries to find a story, a meaning or a “why” behind anything and everything. “Scrummifying” everything in life, this continues in his free time where his thoughts explore the workings of life and the universe while listening to his vinyls of non-classics and obscure groups.

And playing Dota 2. Unhealthily so.

Justin Vervloet

3D Artist

Justin is a 3D artist who always like to take a step further to improve his work. He also loves to create complex models like weapons so that he can shoot at zombies all day. When he is not behind his desk he spend his time playing video games, watching series or hang out with friends.

Feiko Joosten


Fueled by coffee, Feiko works on the gameplay and tools programming so the team can focus on iterating and building! He does some building himself during off-hours in Minecraft and League of Legends (building rage in the latter, we think). Furthermore, he is on an ongoing quest for a smarter home and finding the right smart tech to implement in his apartment.

Justin van der Burg

3D Artist

After working in different 3D industries over the years, Justin found his way into Vertigo Games, crafting environments and more in 3D for our titles.  In his free time, he enjoys videogames, fantasy movies and shows, controls the fates of his D&D parties as Game Master and often retreats into nature to hit the reset button on himself and find inspiration for the next art piece.

Geert Cocu


Coding during the week, racing on the track in the weekends. Because of his passion for tech, Geert started off studying in software engineering, but his love for speed and loud bangs shifted him into games and led him from Creative Media & Game Technologies at Breda University of Applied Sciences to Vertigo Games where he thrives on building new things in virtual reality.

Robbert Middelkoop

Concept Artist

Robbert is one of the studios mainline concept artists, helping in creating a wide range of designs from environments to characters. Graduated from FZD and with over a decade of concept art experience, he is up for any challange. A diehard sci-fi fan, pulling inspiration for personal projects from IP’s like Homeworld, Dune and Bladerunner just to name a few.

Rick Sloof

Senior PR Manager Global

Giving the right people access to the right information at the right time is Rick’s mission within Vertigo Games. As Sr. PR Manager Global with 20 years of PR experience (Virgin / EMI / Roadrunner / Activision) he gets the attention of Vertigo’s releases they deserve worldwide. He enjoys building a network of creators, media and influencers, but is also actually just a guy who loves talking to awesome people with the same passion and coming up with impactful stories and content together, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

He thinks Slayer is the best band in the world, probably makes the best buffalo wings in the country and is a family man/bbq-fan.

Linda Bendsneijder

PR & Marketing Assistant

With an eye for detail and passion for writing, Linda helps makes sure all external communication of Vertigo runs smoothly. She loves creating stories and delivering content that speaks to the right audience. Being a creative soul with an internationally oriented mindset, she knew Vertigo Games was the place to be. In her spare time, Linda is an expert at knitting and crocheting. From cardigans to stuffed animals, she can create it all. If she doesn’t have needles or hooks within her reach, she’s probably enjoying the outdoors.

Tim Davies

Lead Graphic Design

With several years of experiance over multiple genres of game development, including Mobile Games, MMO’s, MOBA’s & Action RPG’s, Tim is a Jack of all trades with a broad skillset with Digital and Print graphics. As an avid MMO player, CGI Artist and Scale Model maker in his spare time, Tim is the epitome of a geek (and proud of it), with a intence passion with all things sci-fi, especailly Star Trek. WARNING: Do NOT mention Star Trek or any Star Trek related material around this individual. Doing so WILL result in lengthy mind-numbing conversations involving the history, origins and history of the Starship Enterprise, Star Trek episodes, movies, charactors, themes and philosophies.

Angelique van Dijk

Lead IT

Behind the scenes, Angelique ensures security and protects Vertigo’s data and assets by keeping up to speed about the newest cyber threats, as well as building new hardware, and maintain license management. In their spare time, they stream on Twitch and compose music whenever they’re not gaming, playing D&D, or cooking.

Yorick Dethy

Senior 3D Artist

Yorick joined the game industry because they wanted to work on titles like Fable, now he’s creating wonderful worlds in Vertigo’s VR titles! He loves spending time with art and his family, and explore different worlds in movies, TV shows, games and books.

Paul Bruijs

3D Artist

Robert Knoester


Paul van der Meer


Paul has been active in the games industry for over a decade now. He started out in game development for console titles as a writer and cutscene artist, then he moved over to applied gaming for several years. When he got the opportunity to join Vertigo Games on Skyworld as a game designer, he leapt at the chance and has been here ever since. Next to game design, Paul helps out with level design for Arcades, writing dialogue and outsourcing for animation and audio. He has a big red cat called Glottis. (and yes, that’s a Grim Fandango reference)

Rumen Toshkov


Rumen is a concept artist with AAA experience in visual development for prop and environment concept art for the entertainment industry. His passion for game development began in high school where he studied Graphics Design and Photography, which led him to studying Creative Media and Game Technologies at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Prior to joining Vertigo Games, Rumen worked as a concept artist at Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam.

Our Locations


Office address:

Hofplein 20
18th Floor
3032 AC
The Netherlands

P.O. box:

Postbus 21300, 3001 AH,
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Office address:

Westerdoksdijk 421
1013 AD
The Netherlands

Los Angeles

Office address:

5158 Clareton Dr #2127
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
United States of America

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