Vertigo Games How to move in VR?

How to move in VR?

All the different ways to move in VR.

Virtual reality offers multiple realms, worlds and other spaces which you want to move in, but what is the best way of traveling for you? In the coming ways we take you through a variation of traveling methods in VR space. Not every game provides all the traveling methods. 

Move in VR by just walking

It is possible to move in VR by walking. But not in every game. If you want to use your legs to move through your new VR world you need the space to do this. The most games do not provide this option. But if you really want the full VR experience you can always look for VR arcades near you in which you can walk around and move freely. Click the video below to get an idea of this fully immersive experience. 

Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition

Move by using your thumb stick

Now we will look into the more commonly used ways of moving through your VR world. Most VR games can only be played in a stationary setting. You will have to use your controllers to move in your VR world. There are a few possible ways to do this, the first one is using your thumb stick. This thumb stick is 360 degrees movable. The biggest problem that walking with the thumb stick brings with itself is that is has the most chance of giving you as VR gamer motion sickness. 

Move by dashing 

In VR you can also move by dashing. Dashing is the same as teleporting. Dashing is brought to VR because it reduces motion sickness and is easy to use. The biggest con is that dashing is less realistic and doesn’t work for each game, but for some games it is ideal such as multiplayer zombie shooter after the fall. Dashing is also done by using the thumb stick, but in this case, you must look with your headset in the direction you want to move in. By pointing the thumb stick forward and releasing it you will then dash trough your VR world. It is that easy!

Newest ways of moving in VR

In VR there are always new technologies in the horizon, also for moving in VR. One of those is a stationary walking prototype. By walking on an extremely slippery treadmill, you will be able to run in all directions through your virtual reality world by staying on your treadmill. There are also bikes being created on which you will be able to ride on different tracks and maps. By putting on your VR headset you will have the immersive feeling of really driving on your motorcycle.