Vertigo Games What is your favorite VR gaming genre?

What is your favorite VR gaming genre?


VR gaming (which, like regular gaming, has many VR gaming genres) is becoming more and more popular every day. This popularity has many reasons, one of them being the wide variety of genres that are playable in VR. In this blog we are going to take a closer look at that variety and what we have to offer at Vertigo Games!.

VR gaming genre 1: Shooters & Action

The Action genre is possibly the most popular gaming genre in VR. Most of these games are VR shooters, and are developed to give you an exciting immersive experience in which you shoot your way through enemies to reach your goal. Vertigo Games is an expert in building action games in VR. A good example of a successful action game developed by Vertigo Games is Arizona sunshine. This game has won multiple awards such as the best game award of the year 2016 or the best HTC vive game of the year 2016 award. Another popular shooting game is After the Fall, which offers 4-player online co-op gameplay! Coming up in 2023 is Hellsweeper, which focuses more on acrobatic movement, while casting spells and summoning weapons to wield!

VR gaming genre 2: Horror & survival

For people who like Halloween are in for a cheat with the VR game genre Horror. The combination of sounds, visuals and interaction with the immersive surroundings is a spine binding combination. The survival games are built for those who like completing challenges in a world full of fantasies and mysteries. Do you got what it takes to survive games such as Arizona sunshine or After the fall? These games aren’t full horror but are 

VR gaming genre 3: Puzzle 

Crack your brain in the one of the most challenging VR gaming genres out there. The VR puzzle gaming genre has many different challenging quests for you and your friends. An entry in our library that we’re very proud of for its success is A Fisherman’s tale. In this game you solve puzzles in a mind-bending,multi-dimensional world. Other puzzle experiences that we offer to VR are with PathCraft and Maskmaker, and more to come! We have a dedicated department here at Vertigo with people who’ll challenge your brain to its fullest. Show them what you got.

VR gaming genre 4: Music & Rhythm

The last gaming genre is also a popular one. VR offers you different ways to interact with music in the most realistic way. We have released a hand-tracking based guitar game called Unplugged: Air Guitar. In this game you can make your way to the top of the world with more than 23 unique songs and multiple guitars and stages for you to play your best music on. The immersive VR music game unplugged is made as realistic as possible because of aforementioned hand tracking, which gives you the feeling of really playing air guitar on stage.