Why VR gaming?

VR gaming is getting increasingly popular. Not only is the number of VR gamers growing but the technology in Virtual reality gaming is also evolving. Let’s take a closer look at the most frequently asked questions to our team at Vertigo Games surrounding VR and Virtual reality gaming, and of course the VR headsets. 

“How much space do I need to play VR games?” 

A common misconception about VR gaming is that you need a lot of space to move in. In reality you only need a circle with a diameter of 1.5 meters. This is because you can play every game just by standing still and utilize in-game controls to transport yourself. Most games are even playable seated in a swivel chair. Virtual reality gaming suddenly looks a lot more attainable, doesn’t it?

“What kind of games can I play in VR gaming?”

All the genres you’re familiar with from non-VR gaming are there in VR; sports, FPS, shooters, Role Playing Games, Puzzlers, Simulation, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the four most exciting ones that we have available in our library:


Ever wondered if you would be able to survive a zombie apocalypse? Test your survival skills when undead zombies are hunting you in Arizona sunshine. You won’t have to go at this alone, as the Arizona Sunshine campaign can be played in co-op mode with a friend!


Puzzle games are a huge hit in the VR gaming space. Are you a mastermind that loves to test their brain? Then games such as A Fishermans tale or Pathcraft are made for you! Puzzle your way through different worlds and crack your brain on multiple quests, puzzles and challenges.


Action games are the bread and butter experience in VR. Most of them are shooters. A notable example of a big shooting game that sets the bar in VR gaming is our four-player co-op shooter After the fall. The game offers a wide variety of guns, levels, and enemies to take on together with your friends.

Music games

Have you always dreamed of playing in big rock concerts? Then VR music gaming is here for you. With rhythm games being very popular as a fun way to work out! Our offering lets you become a virtual rock star in the immersive air guitar game Unplugged VR, are you ready for the big stage?

“Which headset is the best one for VR gaming?”

The answer to this question depends on your budget and how much you are into VR gaming. Also, it depends on the device you want to play on. Our titles are available on various platforms and we aim to ensure they play the same way on each of them! For more information about the ideal VR headset for you look at our VR headset blog where we analyze and categorize the most popular and newest headsets for you.

“How much maintenance does a VR headset need if you use it for VR gaming?”

VR headsets do not need much maintenance when you use them for VR gaming. Especially when you treat your headset right. Just clean up your headset with some microfiber cloth. Most of the times you will receive your mini sheets when you order your headset which makes it easy to attain them.

These were some of the most asked questions we have had over the years as a developer for Virtual Reality games. If you want to know more about VR or Virtual reality gaming, feel free to visit our contact page and ask us your most challenging questions. Or find your answers in one of our blogs.