Vertigo Games Our best VR puzzle game of the 21st century!

Our best VR puzzle game of the 21st century!

VR offers many gaming genres, a big part of the VR gaming industry is covered by the VR puzzle game. VR puzzle games aren’t some sudoku’s in an immersive environment. It’s way more than this, imagine solving mysteries in multiple realms with different enemies and searching your way through multiple realms. Or imagine guiding virtual characters through immersive worlds filled with many obstacles. That is what VR puzzle games are! Let’s take a look at the best VR puzzle games we, as Vertigo games, have brought your VR headsets!

VR puzzle game 1: Maskmaker

There aren’t many multiplayer VR puzzle games out there. Maskmaker isn’t one either but gives you a semi multiplayer experience because of the multiple characters and the king who guides you through his realms. Travel through the multiple realms as Prospero’s apprentice by completing challenges, quests, and puzzles and craft different masks in your workplace. Maskmaker is one of the newest high quality VR puzzle games with the most amazing storyline.

Maskmaker | Story Trailer | Out Now [ESRB]

VR puzzle game 2: A Fishermans Tale

A Fishermans Tale is a multiple prize winning VR puzzle game. The game won prizes such as VR game of the year 2019 or best story/storytelling game award of the year 2019. In A Fishermans Tale is a multidimensional VR game where you’ll complete challenges and puzzles throughout a story mode. In this game you will bend and twist reality in order to complete the tale of the fisherman Bob. Are you ready for the most daring VR experience of 2019?

A Fisherman’s Tale – Live-Action Launch Trailer [ESRB]

VR puzzle game 3: Pathcraft

The newest upcoming release of Vertigo games is the VR puzzle game pathcraft. In this game you’ll guide your fluffy character through a 90’s based world filled with a variety of different blocks and environments. Each block has its own unique ability. With a big variation of levels to play and the ability to craft your own levels or play the levels created by others, Pathcraft is a game with enough challenges to complete. Play with blocks to complete increasingly complex puzzles and craft the path for your whimsical little character. Think carefully and react quickly to guide your tiny character and successfully complete its path. Can you think outside the blocks?

PathCraft | Announce Trailer