Vertigo Games What makes VR stand out?

What makes VR stand out?

You’ve probably heard of terms like VR, AR or XR these days. But what do all these terms mean, and more importantly, why do we at Vertigo Games invest in VR above all? In the coming 3 minutes we will give you a full explanation about all the different “reality” terms and let you decide which one you prefer the most.

Virtual Reality versus Augmented Reality

Before we make the comparison between virtual reality and augmented reality, let’s take a closer look at both. In virtual reality you put on a headset, and peering through the lenses of your headset you will find a completely new immersive world. In virtual reality you can travel around the world in minutes, fight with demons, or even fly a plane. The power of VR is that you can enter so many different artificial environments which are completely immersive. AR on the other hand does not bring you a new immersive world, but brings digital holograms that are visible through your phone or through special glasses. Such as the Pokémon in Pokémon Go or the furniture in digital Ikea rooms.

Why does Vertigo prefer VR over AR?

Vertigo Games is all about creating amazing and mind-blowing new experiences for its gamers. No platform in the world can beat the possibilities that virtual reality has to offer in creating immersive, exciting, and mind-blowing scenarios and experiences. AR gives the opportunity to see new things and to readjust the world you are living in. But nothing can beat the whole new worlds virtual reality has to offer, or does it?

VR versus MR

Virtual reality has more competition than only AR, one of the best-known ones is MR (mixed reality). MR is an advanced version of AR. With camera’s checking your hands and eyes you are able to move, stretch and rotate the holograms that are visible through your glasses. 

Why does Vertigo prefer VR over MR?

Although MR has way more interaction than AR, the technology is still not there yet for us. Objects can be adjusted in MR, but in VR blades can be held and guns can be used to shoot. Also, MR doesn’t offer a whole new world to live in which virtual reality does. For these reasons Vertigo uses VR to build its games in.

VR versus XR

There is no such thing as VR versus XR (extended Reality) because XR is a “catch-all” term for VR, AR and XR. XR isn’t comparable with VR because XR isn’t more than just a word.

More information about VR?

If you want to read more about Virtual reality, Vertigo games or other subjects surrounding Virtual reality gaming. Feel free to visit our knowledge base. Here you will find all the answers to your virtual reality related questions. If you have any other questions also feel free to visit our contact page to ask us anything.