A story of apprenticeship and power mixed with spell-binding twists …

As you enter the workshop of the mysterious Prospero, a legendary mask maker, you discover he has mysteriously disappeared. In an all-new world built by the developers of the award-winning A Fisherman’s Tale, play as Prospero’s apprentice and learn the craft of building masks to immerse yourself in the world of enigmatic beings. From mask-to-mask and puzzle-to-puzzle, explore your way through this world seeking the one who seems to rule it and ultimately try to unravel the secret of his power. 


8 stunning biomes

Magical VR craftmanship

Crafting diverse magical masks; gateways to eight magical worlds to discover

Explore wondrous worlds

Freely explore, meet new cultures and collect resources to craft new magical masks

Each Mask is a role to play

Blend into unique cultures and inhabit their spirits; colorful characters with a role to play

A spellbinding fable

The next magical story from the creators of A Fisherman’s Tale


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