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Vertigo Arcades for venue operators

One single interface to rule all playspaces 

Haze VR is the ultimate platform for out-of-home venue operators to access, launch, operate and manage multiple arena-scale VR offerings in a single play space at the flick of their wrist on a tablet or a PC terminal. Take control over any and all of your venue’s play spaces from any web-supporting device, maximizing throughput and minimizing overhead. 

Licencing – What’s in the box?

Arizona Sunshine
LB VR Edition
Based on the awards-winning and best-selling VR shooter by the same name. Get access to four game seats for unlimited playthroughs.

The Corsair’s Curse
A fairytale-like 4D free-roam adventure from the inventive minds behind the upside down VR puzzle game A Fisherman’s Tale. Four game seats for unlimited playthroughs.

Ghost Patrol VR
Step inside a videogame together with your friends and family and experience the spooky adventure of a lifetime. Four game seats for unlimited playthroughs.

LB VR Spectator
Show off live gameplay on a regular screen for onlookers.

The ultimate software that transfers builds to machines easily. One single interface to interact with the VR backpacks.

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