Vertigo Games Hellsweeper VR’s Co-op Trailer Premieres at Future Games Show

Hellsweeper VR’s Co-op Trailer Premieres at Future Games Show

Join Forces and Conquer Hell Together

ROTTERDAM, August 23
 – During today’s Future Games Show, publisher Vertigo Games and the creators of Sairento VR debuted a brand-new trailer for Hellsweeper VR—the highly-anticipated action-combat virtual reality game—showcasing intense new co-op action. Starting from the game’s launch on September 21st, two players can join forces and descend into hell to slay twisted souls, teaming up for explosive VR combat. Execute shared combos and devise unique strategies alongside your fellow warrior to destroy your enemies. The gates to hell will open on September 21, when Hellsweeper VR launches for Steam VRPS VR 2 and Meta Quest. Pre-order now and receive ‘Hound’ and ‘Shadow’ masks. 

The co-op trailer for Hellsweeper VR provides an exciting glimpse into the game’s forsaken world, where players team up to fight against the forces of darkness:

The co-op mode offers a full roguelike experience with a blend of strategic gameplay and RNG (randomized elements). Each player receives unique blessings, boons, and weapons, ensuring every playthrough offers different challenges and opportunities.

  • Rogue-like mode: Fight rounds with various objectives, to end on a final boss fight. Get rewarded with loot and progress, upgrade your character, weapons or Hellhound
  • Cross-Play Support: Thanks to cross-play support, it’s as easy as ever to play with your friends. No matter which VR platform they are using. 

As well, hell’s gates have creaked open even wider, inviting you to PRE-ORDER Hellsweeper VR now on Steam VRPS VR 2 and Meta Quest. Early adopters will be rewarded with the exclusive ‘Hound’ and ‘Shadow’ masks. 

Step forth into the abyss and answer the call of the damned. Follow Hellsweeper VR on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and join the conversation among fellow Hellsweepers on Discord.