Vertigo Games Everything is possible in our VR arcade!

Everything is possible in our VR arcade!

Can you play VR together with your friends in a VR arcade?

VR offers many different experiences you want to share with your friends, especially in a VR arcade. But is it possible for you and your friends to jump into a game together? The answer is mostly “Yes”. This all depends on the kind of game you play. For example, you can’t play a magic single player game with in-game puzzles such as Maskmaker or A Fishermans Tale together. But games such as Ghost Patrol VR or Arizona Sunshine are playable with 1-4 players. Are you ready to survive a zombie apocalypse with your friends?

What does a VR arcade look like?

There are multiple VR arcades out there. We as Vertigo Games offer two different types of VR arcades together with Springboard VR. Let’s introduce them:

VR booth:

The most common VR arcade we offer is the VR booth. This is a two-square-metre booth. In this booth you will wear the latest VR hardware. In the VR booth, gaming can be done together with others by placing several booths next to each other. This can be done with up to eight booths in one session.

VR free roam 6×6 (20ft):

The VR free roam experience isn’t comparable with anything else. This experience offers a square playing field up to ten meters which you can move freely in with your VR headset. Gaming can’t get any more realistic with the newest technology that is used in the VR free roam arcades.

VR arcade near me?

We as Vertigo Games have the goal to make every VR experience more attainable. We try to achieve this goal to place as many VR arcades as possible. These VR arcades can be used for game developers to test out their game or to use them for promotional purposes. At this moment in time there are over 40 stationary VR arcades in the world provided by Vertigo Games and Springboard VR. 

Why would you or your business need a VR arcade?

Are you an entertainment-based company that could use a spark of the newest modern technology, then the VR arcades from Vertigo Games are here for you! We, provide the best and newest VR arcade experience compatible with all the VR hardware you can think of. With the possibility to scale up as quickly as possible and a 24/7 support system we deliver an all-in package for you, your business and your customers. For more information about the 4D effects in our arcades or the training we can provide for your personnel you can contact us.