Vertigo Games VR music game Unplugged is out now rocking on PC VR*

VR music game Unplugged is out now rocking on PC VR*

Rotterdam (NL), December 14, 2021 – Vertigo Games, the VR specialist publishing and development arm of the global Koch Media Group, and Anotherway, a VR development studio with roots at Microsoft Hololens and Activision, have today released the critically acclaimed VR music game Unplugged on PC VR* (Valve Index Controller compatible headsets only). The launch is accompanied by a free update on both Meta Quest and PC VR* that introduces an exclusive, tailor-made song by Steel Panther to the game’s setlist of over 20 rock songs. Unplugged first launched on Quest in October of this year and was received with very positive feedback from the community and renowned VR specialists. 

Watch the PC VR* launch trailer with the exclusive Steel Panther song here:

Exclusive collaboration with hard rock band Steel Panther
Unplugged is all about rocking out hard on a virtual stage, which couldn’t be more fitting to the inimitable front-man Satchel of Steel Panther. Having him as the in-game mentor, guiding players on their way to virtual rock-stardom, elevates Unplugged’s rock ‘n roll looks and feel. Steel Panther taking this one step further by creating ‘Unplug Yourself’, a tailor-made song for the game, is a dream come true for Anotherway. They said: “We are beyond thrilled about Steel Panther creating a song for us. As long term fans of the band, having Satchel in the tutorial felt like a huge accomplishment. We were never expecting to extend the relationship to the point where Steel Panther would compose a tailored song for Unplugged! They embody the spirit of the game perfectly, and we are very excited to keep working with them.”

‘Easy Peasy’ Difficulty mode and pass-through 
Besides an exclusive Steel Panther song, the update also includes a new ‘Easy Peasy’ difficulty level to both platforms. The PC VR* version of Unplugged comes with all previously released updates to the game as well. For all Quest 2 players, Unplugged now supports mixed reality via Quest Passthough, which allows them to blend the game’s virtual stage with their living room. Rocking the stage and seeing your family and friends cheer you on as you play is a perfect combination that comes right time for the holidays.